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Pioneering DeFi 3.0 with cross-chain innovations

Trading native tokens across multiple chains has never been easier.

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Cross Chain


Trade across multiple blockchains, powered by permissionless bridges.

Minimal Slippage

Minimal Slippage

Automatically split your trades across different liquidity pools to access the best price.

Aggregated Liquidity

Aggregated Liquidity

Access liquidity from over 130 decentralized exchanges, using a single platform.

More than just cross-chain swaps

Atas Swap $ATS Staking

Stake your $ATS to earn rewards and access exclusive benefits.

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Atlas Swap Pools

Provide liquidity for your favorite tokens and earn.

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Atas Swap Farms

Earn extra yield by depositing your Liquidity Pool tokens.

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Atlas Swap Multi-Chain Dashboard

Easily track your Web3 portfolio and access yield opportunities.

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